Which Rug Size is
Right for You?

Shake out those questions with our handy dimension guide, designed to help you find the perfect place for your rug—no matter the size of your space.
A rug can elevate a house into a home. Placed well, you can create an illusion of more space, even when working with cozier dimensions. You can lend warmth and comfort to a living room, create a focal point that leads the eye from your entranceway to the rest of your home, and provide a little extra peace of mind when you want to keep floors protected from the daily comings and goings of friends and family.
Here we lay out some simple know-hows that make finding a rug to suit your life and needs a cinch. From considering your room, area-space, and style, we’ve got you—and your floor—covered. Follow our guidelines to see how your needs measure up.

First Things First— Things to Consider

Who knew that choosing a rug for your room could raise so many questions? Luckily we’re on hand to guide you through the process. There may seem to be a dizzying amount of terms to consider when you shop, from silk to sisal, woven to hand-hooked, contemporary to Oriental—but with your room in mind, there are really three things you might want to have at the top of your list as you begin your search.

The Look and Feel

There’s no denying that a rug can add an instant touch of comfort to any room, but if you’re looking for some practicality as well, then a plush pile might not be your best bet. The good news is you can still add warmth to any space without having to opt for a thicker woven rug. A hardy jute rug in earthy tones works wonders in well-walked hallways and kitchens, while a thicker, sink-your-feet-into-it sheepskin rug can look luxurious and inviting in the bedroom where it’s less likely to come into contact with muddy boots! And while you might love the idea of an intricate floral print in your living room, a simpler geometric print might lend the colors you crave, while still allowing the eye to move around the room. There’s no end of choice when it comes to finding a style that suits you and knowing the look and feel you want can go a long way in helping you choose a rug that’s right for you and your room.

The Material

The material of your rug does so much more than simply feel pleasant beneath your feet. A quality rug can provide extra insulation from cold tile floors and draughty floorboards, buffer sound in large spaces, and complete the look of a room. Silk, cowhide, and wool can be beautiful in a living room, but won’t lend themselves as well to a kitchen or a bathroom where food and cooking come into play. Bamboo, sisal, jute, and cotton, however, are great for those looking to invest in natural materials that can still feel cozy and bring warmth, style, and finish to a room while being a little more suited to a stairway or bathroom.

The Size and Shape

Oval, rectangular, circular, narrow, wide–there’s a rug designed to suit every sized space. A bold cowhide or zebra print rug is sure to stand out, but if you’re working with a rather small space, then you might not want to dominate the room with your rug—especially if you’re looking at an irregular size and shape, which cowhide is most often. A circular rug can lend interest and break up the standard dimensions of a room, while a long, narrow runner will elegantly guide guests through your home. Space is key when you’re looking to invest in a new rug, and so the size and shape are important to consider—not just in terms of if the rug will fit in your space, but also what else needs to fit in around it.

Rug Size Guide Cheat Sheet

5’ x 7’
3’ x 5’
7’ x 10’
5’ x 8’
10’ x 12’
8’ x 10’
11’ x 14’
9’ x 12’
14’ x 17’
12’ x 15’

“My new rug fits into my home absolutely perfectly, couldn’t be happier.”

Kourtney C, Cincinnati, OH

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What is the
Right Size for Me?

Now you’re prepped with a handy checklist (and most likely a tape measure), it’s time to take a walk around the house. Get ready for fail-safe design tips and go-to sizes that will work best in each room.


Small Spaces : 5’ x 7’ — 7’ x 10’

Medium Spaces : 7’ x 10’ — 11’ x 14’

Large Spaces : 11’ x 14’ & Above

Small Spaces

Room Size : 5’ x 7’ — 7’ x 10’
Think you haven’t got room to dress up your space with a rug? Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from a runner or woven pile, just with a little planning and clever styling.

The Hallway

The doormat outside might say ‘Welcome’, but when it comes to making a friendly first impression, a rug sets a fine example upon entry. A bold pattern, bright colours, and a whole range of materials are worth considering when you’re looking to make an impact as soon as you open the door. A flat-woven dhurrie rug is practical and chic, while a wool kilim design is warm—perfect for the draught from an often-used front door. Be careful, though, to make sure your new rug leaves enough space around each side to allow for a glimpse of the floor beneath. These “borders” will make a narrow space seem wider, and allow the runner to lead the way, without being all-consuming. Long and narrow is the way to go. Too wide, and you’ll make your hallway look narrower; too short, and your space will look a little lost and incomplete, rather than allowing the eye (and guests’ feet) to wander further.

The Stairway

From the hallway, you’re not just leading people farther through, but up the stairs, too. Whether you’re echoing the space downstairs, or your stairs lead up to a squarer set-up, a small rug or runner balances your walkway spaces. If you’re working with a narrow space once more, then try to not to leave less than eight inches from the edge of the rug to the wall. Working with a wide space allows you to play with shapes: cowhide looks fab worked against a gallery wall, while a square Dhurrie rug can lend a focal point in the midst of doors leading off to the bedrooms and bathroom. A timeless Kilim pattern can add a little understated glamour before you descend those stairs.

The Box Room / Guest Room

Even in a small guest bedroom, an accent rug lends a welcoming touch and offers a little extra polish to open space. If you’re working with twin beds but want to create clean lines, then a single rug placed in the middle of the room will help keep a small space open. If you’ve got the space to place your bed in the center of the room, then a runner either side adds a little symmetry, and ensures that, no matter which side of the bed your guest swings their legs out off, they’ll have soft, cozy landing. Even when your room is carpeted, a little extra texture can go a long way. In a small space, pick out a key color, or let your rug take the lead and keep other details calm and simple.

The Patio

Yes, your outdoor space deserves to be just as comfy as the rest of your home, and these days it’s easy to find a rug that’s as stylish as it is practical to outside living. Play with fun tropical patterns, bold floral designs, or even animal print to inject a little fun into al-fresco eating. Jute and seagrass are great, hardy options (ideal for shaking out food crumbs!), as is clever polypropylene, which is stain resistant and not susceptible to fading or mildew when exposed to the elements, yet still looks as chic, and feels good underfoot. Paired with festoon lights, potted plants and beanbag seating, a classic rectangular rug will keep things feeling cozy long after the sun dips. Play up walkways with circular rugs as “stepping stones”, or layer up a larger, neutral rug with a slightly smaller rug on top to create clear dining and seating levels.

“Used the rug guide so we could figure out which was the best sized rug for our living room. All around great experience”

Barry, Minneapolis MN

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Medium Spaces

Room Size : 7’ x 10’ — 11’ x 14’
Meeting in the middle can sometimes be tricky. A small rug can look a little lost, while a large rug can command too much attention. We’ve got some tips to ensure you get the balance just right.

The Home Office

When you need to put in some hours at home, a little extra comfort under your feet can go a long way, adding a homely touch to even the most orderly of spaces. It can be no fun working from home, but with the right set-up, you can firmly bring your personality to your space and keep your mind focused and productive. Keep a shaggy sheepskin draped over the back of your leather desk chair for those hard-earned coffee breaks, and set a chic scene the other side of your desk with a larger area-rug. Dark wood tones look fab played up against Persian designs, while mid-century modern works effortlessly alongside elaborate hooking detailing of traditional Middle-Eastern and Asian design. Make sure you leave enough room for your chair to push back without snagging rug corners, and you’ll find yourself with a productive work space you might never want to leave!

The Nursery / Children’s Room

Active knees are a big consideration when you’re looking to bring a little extra comfort to kids’ rooms–even when the floor is carpeted, and in a nursery or playroom you can afford to experiment with texture and shape (great for curious crawlers!). Rugs lend a hand in designating important areas for your child, including play and rest areas, such as a reading nook or a play area–keeping it separate from bedtime. A sheepskin rug also looks gorgeous doubled as a throw over a chair–ideal for snuggling into while reading a bedtime story or nursing a baby, while soft, plush rugs across the floor encourage play.

The Kitchen

Everyone tends to get underfoot when they’re in the kitchen, don’t they? If your kitchen is anything like ours, we bet it’s one of the most social rooms in the house, and it sure sees a lot of footfall, from morning through to night. A little extra comfort in the form of a neat square or rectangular rug by the sink can make those dishwashing chores less tedious, and bring a little warmth to tiled floors. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a breakfast table in your kitchen, then a rug can help separate the room into clear, inviting areas for entertaining and cooking. Traditional kitchens look inviting with Chinese inspiration in tone and style, while a more modern set-up is kept warm with earthier southwestern tones. If you’re hard at work on your feet in the kitchen, a little extra cushioning can make the world of difference.

The Bathroom

Creating a splash with different textures in your bathroom is a sure way to add an extra edge to an otherwise standard room. If your bathroom furnishings are framed around the walls, then a square centrepiece rug can draw it all together. If most of your finishings are offset to one-side, then balance the other side with a narrower rug and some tall plants. The blue hues of a Turkish rug look beautifully luxurious against tiles, while sometimes-cold classic porcelain tones are warmed with Moroccan tones. Bamboo is a great sustainable choice that is hardy enough for bathroom use yet lovely and soft underfoot.

“Purchased one and loved it so much when it came that I bought three more the same day.”

Martha, New Haven, Connecticut

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Large Spaces

Room Size : 11’ x 14’ & Above
You might think a large room is the easiest to work with, but there are still some smart considerations to make before you roll out that new rug (or two!).

The Dining Room

With a room focused around entertainment and family time, a rug draws people together to the table, and a large round rug can really set off your seating space. No one likes tripping over curled corners that snag on the chair every time you get up from the table. A wise rule of thumb is to ensure you have at least 24” extending beyond each side of the table, ensuring that no chairs (or people!) face a tough landing when pushed back. Oval and octagonal rugs look dramatic under centerpiece pendant lighting and larger seating arrangements; classic rectangular rugs look neat with a classic four to six seating set up. When it comes to the design, it depends on how much room you have to play with, and if you want your lighting, table, or rug, to do the main talking as the eye falls across the room.

The Living Room

It’s all about your furniture plan when it comes to laying down a lovely new rug in your living room. Arguably, this room is also the most versatile, and you’re spoilt for choice with what role you want your rug to play. A smaller rug can lead people closer to the hearth (and create a homely focus), while a grander rug can incorporate all of your furnishings on the area-space with room to spare, keeping those walls open and free. If you don’t fancy going as grand, then use your rug as a centrepiece, with your coffee table on top.

The Master Bedroom

A calm and relaxing feel underfoot is essential in the bedroom where you’re looking to create a peaceful sanctuary focused around rest. Often one of the largest rooms in the house (even when you’re working with more modest proportions), the bedroom is where you get to inject your personal style and set the mood. Hand-knotted silk lends a luxurious touch, while the simplicity of a traditional berber rug can look striking when framing the bed. With a much gentler amount of foot traffic, you might consider more delicate handmade and braided rugs. Keep the head of the bed, and any bedside tables off the rug to create clean space and calming lines. A smaller room, shared with a partner could look chic partnered with a matching pair of sheepskin rugs each side of the bed.

“Honestly, brilliant company. Absolutely beautiful rugs and incredible customer service all around!”

Ellen T, Philadelphia, PA

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A quality rug can be an inexpensive way to overhaul a room’s style and breathe new life the layout and feel, and whether you go big or small, modern or traditional, Wovenly gives you the red carpet treatment with endless choice, affordable prices and free shipping.

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