Rug Weave Guide

Flat Weave

This thin weave type features a no pile design and are frequently reversible.

Professional Tip – Use a mattress pad below a flat weave style rug to prevent slippage.


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Flat Weave Rug

Hand Tufted Rug Weave

This weave type is accomplished by loading a individual threads into a rug tufting gun and then forcibly pushed through a canvas to complete a cut or looped piled.

Professional Tip – Tufted rugs will shed.  We recommend using a regular vacuum to lessen the shed over time.


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Hand Knotted Weave

This weave style is created on a large size loom using a warp thread and weft thread.  Each row knots are tied along the edges.

Professional Tip – Any time a fiber pops out of the rug do not pull it.  Simply trim the thread as low as possible.


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Hand Hook Weave

Hand Hooked Weave

Creating small loops that are pulled though a canvas then secured to a protective backing.

Professional Tip – This style rug is known to both shed and sprout.  Vacuum the loose threads and cut the sprouted fibers.

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Machine Made Weave

This is a popular weave pattern made made on a large electrically powered loom.  

Professional Tip – This style is build to last and remain budget friendly.

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Machine Weave Rug
Shag Weave

Shag Weave

Shag rugs use a variety of weaving methods but traditionally feature a thick, fluffy style pile.


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