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#WinWithWovenly Competition

Wovenly is running a design competition on Instagram, to showcase to the world,  How Your Wovenly Rug Has Transformed Your Space?

To Enter, simply take a photo of your Wovenly Rug in your room and upload to Instagram and use the below Hashtags



Enter the Competition now for your chance to win:

$300 Amazon gift Card

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The Wovenly Promise

“I could rest easy with my Wovenly order knowing if I didn’t love it I could send it back for free. That gave me a lot of confidence. The Wovenly rug was the perfect style and color I was looking for, and it was definite that I was keeping it.”

Rick, Boston, MA

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With Wovenly, You Can Take Your Time

We know that purchasing a new rug is a long-term investment for your home. When making a decision when it comes to furnishings, it’s important to find a color, design, and material that looks and feels like the perfect addition to compliment your style. It takes time to make sure you love your rug and test it out before making the commitment. With Wovenly, you get a 60-day free trial, and if you aren’t happy, just send the rug back in the original packaging within 60-days.