How To Clean An Oriental Rug – Rug Care

Posted By ryan on Apr 15, 2016

How To Clean A Oriental Rug – An oriental rug is most commonly constructed of heavy textiles (wool, cotton or even silk) and utilized primarily for utilitarian and symbolic purposes.

Oriental Floral Rectangle Area Rug

Cleaning Ideas For Your Oriental Rug

The yearly spring cleaning involves brushing and vacuuming of your oriental rug. Vacuum cleaners can be very handy when it comes to getting rid of loose dirt in the carpet. The primary advantage of this cleaning process is you will not have to move the rug around to clean it, additionally, it uses less effort and takes less time. But, remember that a vacuum cleaner can damage your oriental area rug. You have to make sure it is not pressed too hard over the fibers of the rug. Pressing too hard can harm the carpet fibers and allow them to wear out easily. Apply the gentlest settings to avoid fibers from breaking down. Your oriental rugs are made of natural fibers that resemble that of human hair. Use a soft bristled brush or comb to tidy up the fibers of your rug for a fuller appearance.

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