How To Clean An Indoor Outdoor Rug

Step By Step Professional Guide

How To Clean An Indoor Outdoor Rugs

How To Clean An Indoor Outdoor Rug – Indoor-outdoor rugs are perfect additions to any home as they can be used indoors and outdoors any time. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they are also resistant to fading and they are quick to dry too. Cleaning isn’t all that hard to do depending on the fabric that they are made of. Another reason why this type of rug is worth checking out is that it is resistant to mold and mildew, plus it is designed to withstand UV rays as well. When maintained properly, it can last you several years.

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Wool Rug Cleaning Supplies

  • Broom
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • 1 Tablespoon of dish soap (per gallon of water)
  • Water for rinsing
  • Scrubbing brush

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean Your Indoor Outdoor Rugs

The yearly spring cleaning involves brushing and vacuuming of your oriental rug. Vacuum cleaners can be very handy when it comes to getting rid of loose dirt in the carpet. The primary advantage of this cleaning process is you will not have to move the rug around to clean it, additionally, it uses less effort and takes less time. But, remember that a vacuum cleaner can damage your oriental area rug. You have to make sure it is not pressed too hard over the fibers of the rug. Pressing too hard can harm the carpet fibers and allow them to wear out easily. Apply the gentlest settings to avoid fibers from breaking down. Your oriental rugs are made of natural fibers that resemble that of human hair. Use a soft bristled brush or comb to tidy up the fibers of your rug for a fuller appearance.

Step One: Sweep

Sweep the debris on your rug to remove as much dirt as possible. Vacuum the entire indoor/outdoor rug to get the remaining dust and dirt particles.

Step Two: Dish soap

Get a bucket and mix a tablespoon of clear dish soap for every gallon of water that you will be using.

Step Three: Spray Thoroughly

Place your rug in a clear outdoor space then spray thoroughly with water. Dip a soft scrub brush in your soap and water solution then scrub the stains away. If the stains are only a few, spot treatment is advised.

Step Four: Rinse

Rinse your rug thoroughly to remove any soap residues.

Step Five: Hang Dry

Hang your rug up to dry faster

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How To Spot Clean Your Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Step One: Remove spills immediately

Remove any spills on your rug immediately. To do this, get a clean cloth or white paper towels then, starting from the outside, blot the spill towards the center to keep the liquid from spreading further. Keep on blotting until all moisture gets transferred to your cloth or towel. Do not rub on the spill as this can damage the rug.

Step Two: Scrape

Solid spills should be scrape off with a nail file or dull knife.

Step Three: Club Soda

Dampen a white cloth with some club soda, if the spilled liquid is tomato sauce or red wine as it helps to remove the stain left behind.

Step Four: Rinse

Use a garden hose to wash on both sides. For soiled rugs, use a mild dish detergent for cleaning.

Step Five: Hang Dry

Let the rug dry by elevating it from the floor.

Indoor Outdoor Rug Maintenance Tips

Improving your outdoors can help create an extension of your home. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their garden especially when there is a cool breeze too? Fortunately, you can build an outdoor living area that is both stylish and functional with the right patio furniture, lighting, and rugs and carpets too, such as an indoor outdoor rug.

Most homeowners are seeing the value of indoor outdoor rug because of its synthetic materials that can withstand various environmental factors. And if you wish to help prolong its life span, these tips are for you:


If you want to learn how to clean an indoor outdoor rug, you will need to know what material it is made of. Among the materials that they may be made of include acrylic, nylon, bamboo, sisal, polyester, and polypropylene.


Determining where you will be placing your indoor outdoor rug should be considered as its exposure to sunlight, foot traffic, and other environmental factors can play a part on its durability. The constant wear and tear of feet walking or running on its surface may leave it worn out faster compared to simply placing it under a furniture for aesthetic purposes.

waterproof pad

Adding a waterproof pad can help extend the lifespan of your outdoor rug, while keeping the hardwood floors protected.

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Safe and effective indoor outdoor rug Cleaning Methods

Like it was mentioned before, there are different ways to clean your indoor outdoor rug depending on the material. However, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them:

Don't scrub

Never scrub your rug as it causes the stain to go deeper into the material. Blot excess moisture especially when you are dealing with a stain.

shake it off

Another tip is to shake your rug every once in a while. This technique helps remove the accumulated dirt on the rug fibers which, when left alone, can weigh down on the rug, making it look grimy and dirty.


There are instances when mildew, mold, or even algae forms on your outdoor rug, but don’t worry. When it comes to carpet cleaning this problem, you will need some diluted bleach to help remove the offenders. If you are looking for a milder approach, cleaning your rug with diluted vinegar is advised. Never mix bleach and vinegar as this can damage your rug.

Spot treat

Spot treating stains is advised. You can use liquid dish soap mixed with warm water or some other type of carpet cleaner, like carpet shampoos, and the like. Cold water can be used on spills as soon as they happen. For tough stains, baking soda and warm water can help.


If your indoor outdoor rug is big and you may not have time to clean it on your own, have it professionally cleaned instead. 

When To Call In the Professionals

No matter how fastidious you are when it comes to cleanliness, there will come a time to call in a professional cleaning service who can do a thorough deep cleaning or dry clean your wool rug or steam clean your wool rug. 

Although this means you will be dishing out some cash, it will be worth it as your rug will return cleaner and ready to warm your feet once more.