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2' X 3' Rugs

Brown 2x3 area rugs are natural, neutral, and timeless. Thanks to a compact size, brown 2x3 area rugs lend a little extra coziness in space-shy areas--perfect for adding comfort in a busy kitchen, or extra definition and style under a coffee table.

2' X 3'

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2' X 3'
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With their earthy tones and timeless appeal, brown 2x3 area rugs have your floorspace neatly covered. Ideal for adding a little extra definition under coffee tables, or a plush feel underfoot in a home office, brown 2x3 area rugs come in light brown tones for a distressed antique feel, to rich brown hues that have a retro appeal. Plush shaggy piles and chunky, flatwoven finishes mean that brown 2x3 area rugs are loaded with texture for extra style. Whether you're after a hard-wearing material such as polypropylene, or looking for natural jute, there's a brown 2x3 area rug to suit your space, budget, and style.

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