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2' X 3' Rugs

There's nothing to say you can't embrace color when you're working with a small space. Multicolor 2x3 area rugs are perfect for pulling a room together - especially in a small living room that has neutral soft furnishings. Multicolor 2x3 area rugs allow for a personal touch of style in even the smallest of spaces.

2' X 3'

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2' X 3'
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Even when faced with a small space, there's no end of opportunity to add your style with multicolor 2x3 area rugs. From playful bursts of color in a small child's bedroom, to evocative paint-style splatters of color in imaginative abstract designs, you can put your own stylish stamp on the neatest of spaces with multicolor 2x3 area rugs. Center under a coffee table, or create some focus at the foot of the bed. With multicolor 2x3 area rugs, a small size can have a big impact. In rich wool or durable polypropylene, multicolor 2x3 area rugs can work their charm throughout the home.

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