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3' X 5' Rugs

Two or three key colors in a snug space can open it up and welcome everyone in. Multicolor 3x5 area rugs cover every floor space with style. From playful motifs to floral filled trellis patterns, multicolor 3x5 area rugs might be modest in size, but they're large in style.

3' X 5'

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3' X 5'
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Even when working with modest proportions, there's no end of opportunity to add your style with multicolor 3x5 area rugs. From playful bursts of color and imaginative motifs in a small child's bedroom, to elegant oriental patterns in traditional color combinations, you can put your own stylish stamp on the neatest of spaces with multicolor 3x5 area rugs. Center under a coffee table, or create some focus at the foot of the bed. With multicolor 3x5 area rugs, a small size can have a big impact. In materials including pure wool or polyester, multicolor 3x5 area rugs are durable, cozy, and ever-stylish.

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