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12' X 15' Rugs

Perhaps the ultimate in luxe, white 12x15 area rugs are clean and covetable. With white 12x15 area rugs you'll find plush piles and irresistable softness and sheen, perfect for seriously stylish, cozy floors. With such a simple canvas, you can afford to go bold with textiles and furnishings, or keep things muted and modern.

12' X 15'

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12' X 15'

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The luxe proportions of white 12x15 area rugs make for enviable style and unbeatable comfort underfoot. White 12x15 area rugs are luxe and casual, modern yet traditional--an all-round winner for any stylish home. In grand dining rooms white 12x15 area rugs are made possible with durable fibers such as easy-to-clean polyester, making such a classic, clean hue refreshingly low-maintenance. Solid plush piles provide rich comfort and varied texture with hand-loomed or hand-woven construction and a blend of soft fibers such as wool and viscose lend lustre and softness that will last for years to come.

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