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6' X 9' Rugs

Nothing's more stylish and clean than a crisp white 6x9 area rug. The sumptuous feeling of a luxe plush pile underfoot makes white 6x9 area rugs an irresistable choice for the bedroom, but handwoven styles and texture and definition, making for a subtle focal point in a chic living room.

6' X 9'

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6' X 9'

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A wide sweep of white can open up floor spaces and lend instant comfort underfoot. White 6x9 area rugs are classic and versatile, modern yet traditional--an all-round winner for any stylish home. In luxe dining rooms white 6x9 area rugs are made possible with durable, easy-to-clean polyester fibers, making such a classic, clean hue refreshingly low-maintenance. Solid plush piles provide rich comfort and texture with hand-woven or hand-tufted construction. Casual elegance and detail also lends a hand in white 6x9 are rugs with hand-woven braids for tone and definition, striking in a modern master bedroom.

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